My name is Ramzi Musa, and I live in the beautiful city of Berlin in Germany. You can learn more about myself and my main business-related work and activities here. Feel free to contact me for business inquiries.

Consultancy & Interim Management

Bridging Innovation and Revenue Growth in the Digital & AI Age

Transforming Sales through GTM expertise

Leverage my expertise in B2B Go-To-Market strategies, Sales, digitizing sales processes and building Inside Sales organizations to increase sales productivity and scaling revenue teams. My approach combines innovation with practical insights to drive your business forward.


Leadership for Impactful Revenue Growth

As Interim Manger, I empower revenue teams to achieve their full potential. My international and multicultural leadership experience in large enterprises and Scale-Ups guides teams through crucial phases, ensuring sustained growth and operational excellence. Since 2006 I have hired and developed hundreds of talents.

Interim Management

Ramzi Musa

About me

  • Inside Sales Mastery: Designing, building, and scaling high-performance Inside Sales, Digital Sales, and Sales Development teams for optimized outcomes.

  • AI-Enhanced Digital and Social B2B Selling: Blending traditional sales with generative AI insights.

  • SMBs Sales Dynamics: Deep-diving into direct and indirect sales for SMBs.

  • B2B Tech & SaaS Go-To-Market: Architecting and implementing tailored market strategies.

  • Sales Organization Transformations: Merging digital tools, processes, and human expertise to drive transformations.

  • Crafting B2B Demand Management Tactics & Ensuring Pipeline Coverage.

I am Ramzi Musa, a seasoned B2B Go-To-Market specialist with over 20 years in the technology and SaaS sectors. My career trajectory includes leadership roles at industry-leading organizations such as Oracle, Fujitsu, Google, and SAP. With a deep focus on driving revenue growth, I have successfully navigated digital transformations and pioneered digital and B2B selling strategies.

As a FinTech Chief Revenue Officer, I've honed my skills in optimizing revenue streams through strategic planning and data-driven decisions. Beyond corporate roles, I've imparted my expertise as a lecturer, contributed to publications on digital sales, and engaged in expert networks.

Serving both SMBs and large enterprises, I've led diverse teams across Europe and the Middle East, balancing strategic vision with operational prowess to deliver on organizational goals.

Areas of Expertise

Selected Projects

Co-Founder of Revenue IQ. Consulting, Coaching Training and Know-How from B2B Go-To-Market Experts based on our comprehensive GTM Framework. Accelerate your B2B sales success with us.

Revenue IQ


Your Guide to Google Workspace and Productivity - Workspace Insider is an information hub, focusing on Google Workspace, offering insights and templates to enhance productivity.

Lecturer for the seminar “Digitalization in Sales”. My role as a lecturer at MCI encompasses educating the next generation of Marketing and Sales Leaders, focusing on digital transformation in sales.

Lecturer at MCI

eBook - German

Video Communication in B2B Sales

Engaging and winning customers in Sales through personalized videos. A handbook for practice.

No more boring and impersonal cold calling.
Learn to inspire and win customers in sales through personalized videos.

This handbook answers the following:

  • Why you should start using videos in sales now

  • Why the “old way” of emails and phone calls has had its day

  • What are the opportunities of the new technology are

  • How to best record and send videos

  • How to constantly optimize communication via video


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