My name is Ramzi Musa, and I live in the beautiful city of Berlin in Germany. You can learn more about myself and my main business-related work and activities here. Feel free to contact me for business inquiries.

Ramzi Musa

My business

A brief introduction of my business activities and initiatives.

Revenue IQ

Co-founder of Revenue IQ. A platform for B2B sales and marketing expertise


Lecturer for the seminar “Digitalisierung im Vertrieb” as part of the Marketing & Sales executive seminar series.

kevin. Payment Infrastructure

FinTech Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), overseeing overall revenue growth.

Workspace Insider Logo

Workspace Insider

The information source for Google Workspace and productivity tools and templates.

Videokommunikation B2B Vertrieb
eBook – German

Video Communication in B2B Sales

Engaging and winning customers in Sales through personalized videos. A handbook for practice.

No more boring and impersonal cold calling.
Learn to inspire and win customers in sales through personalized videos.

This handbook answers the following:
Why you should start using videos in sales now
Why the “old way” of emails and phone calls has had its day
What are the opportunities of the new technology are
How to best record and send videos
How to constantly optimize communication via video


Coach for a social initiative

We shape the society in which we live together. To successfully tackle social challenges, we need a strong and reliable network. StartSocial brings together people from business and civil society to strengthen volunteerism through advice, visibility, and appreciation and to increase its impact.

LinkedIn Profile

Visit my LinkedIn profile.

My B2B Sales and Marketing Leadership experience and network on LinkedIn.

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